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Bee Yard

Honey for Sale

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At present, I have five stands of bees, ready to make honey this year. I have been beekeeping for the last five years here at my present location. I keep bees in the'70's when it was a lot easier to keep them. A lot of diseases and mites have come along since then. Most honey bees will not survive in the wild.
My friend Bill Roberson, KE4CSA, from Wise, VA has over 100 stands of bees. He is the resident expert on bees for this site. He has been in beekeeping since 1937.

If you have any question on beekeeping, just e-mail me and Bill will answer any questions you have. Most of the information he has is not printed in any of the bee books.

Coming soon: pictures of my Bee Yard

Bill In his Bee Yard Indian Creek VA

He may be wearing a wig

Bill and Patches