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Ham Radio Equiptment Wanted or For Sale


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HAM Radio Items FOR SALE

Large Selection of 10 inch Never Used (NOS) 8 Ohm Max Power 140 Watts
Large Magnet, Each Speaker weighs almost 5 POUNDS (4Lb 13oz)
FOUR Speakers in a box, Shipping Weight Approx 25 pounds Model No AFW-1030FS
I have a large quantity of these speakers. FOR SALE at $49.50 Plus ACTUAL Shipping.
Discount on purchase of 10 or more boxes. I have at least 75 boxes of these. Thats over
300 Quality speakers. To save on shipping, pickup can be arranged in central South
Carolina. These speakers were originally manufactured for Jukebox use, so you know
they sound good. You Must buy all FOUR of them, they are alreadty packed, ready to ship or pickup.
I have seen folks selling speakers similar to these, but lesser quality, on E-bay  selling TWO of these for the price I want for Four of them.
Speakers can also be purchased from QTH.COM Search by call sign K4UJQ


FOR SALE: Every thing you will need to build a brand new Motorola Radius mobile M216 except the metal chassis. Including Shure back-lit DTMF Mic Mfg'd for Radius $185 Shipped to CONUS

FOR SALE: Assortment of Variable Capacitors, Great for VHF &UHF projects. AT LEAST 25 of 'em Most are new, some are removed from equiptment, but are in good shape.appear to be half around 3-25pf and maybe 5-50pf. . $25 for the whole lot plus shipping.

Give Reviews on Hams you have sold  to or bought equiptment from. Rate them from A to E.Whenever you deal with someone goto this site and check there ratings.

I have a A rating with Star, (Star means at least 5 A reports)