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Ham Radio Friends

Oldies but Goodies 3963Khz 75 Meter SSB Radio Net

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Links to some good sites

N8TEW, has numerous tubes for sale at a great price. I have purchased from him and all tubes have been 100% Go To
He has a lot of tubes for the Swan, Drakes, and Heathkits.

Good Source for vacuum tubes for those oldies, at a good price. Click here for Radio Electric Supply, Gainesville, FL

Click here for Tom, W4UOC, Atlanta, to see all His Old Ham gear.

Send me your links, pictures, and info history if you want it posted. Send to K4UJQ@Yahoo.Com

Ray, KA4THY From Roanoke, VA
Ray is a regular on 3963 Khz

Below, Ted, WB4ELR, from Lexington, Ky. at his station.


Keith N8BJ and Bill KE4CSA at baptism
If Keith had only held him down just 10 more minutes

Catch Me on Echolink. Internet to Radio and vice versa. Look for me Node No 3485 (K4UJQ) and K4UJQ-L The link will be connected to 146.52 Simplex here in Chester SC. Call CQ You never know who may come back to you
Download Echolink free at  HTTP://WWW.Echolink.Org

Jeff, KS4OY and Daughter, Casey Doodle
Picture taken Oct 15,2005 Norton Va

Casey Jones, Had a ball with Ole Booger and Tibbie
Holiday Inn Visit October 2005

Jeff, Cindi, and Casey Jones
Visit with us at Norton Va October 2005